Virgin (Captain) America

The 90-Year-Old Virgin

Happy Virgin Steve Day!
Hope you're all having a great holiday! (Or, if you're not from the US, a great unexceptional Wednesday.) Please go ahead and post your links to your fics in the comments here. We'll be accepting links through the weekend, and I'll put up a master post on Monday.

Happy posting!

Hey, folks!

It is July 1st (well, 2nd in this timezone), which means that your "the Avengers find out that Steve is a virgin" fics are due in just three days! Remember, comment in this community with a link to your fic on July 4th. Happy writing!

The Sign-Up Post
and i have all your powers
Planning on participating? Comment here!

Welcome and FAQ
and i have all your powers
Welcome to Virgin (Captain) America, a fic fest based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and one simple question: Steve Rogers is canonically a 90(ish)-year-old virgin. What happens when the rest of the Avengers find out?

Okay, I guess there's a few more questions:

So this is a porn fest?

Not necessarily! You can answer the prompt in any way, from gen to het to slash. You can write anything from Tony guffawing for 1000 words to a full-on Avengers orgy. You can write crossovers where Steve winds up banging Severus Snape if you want, as long as your fic answers the central question: what happens when at least one other Avenger finds out that Steve is a virgin?

There's nothing wrong with being a virgin!

Of course there isn't! This isn't meant to make anyone feel bad; it's all in good fun. I think it's one of the things that makes Steve such a sweetie-pie. :)

So what do I have to do?

1. Comment on the sign-up post saying you're in.

2. Write a fic of at least 1,000 answering the general prompt: Avengers find out Steve's a virgin, hilarity/shenanigans/serious conversations/sexytimes/whatever ensues.

3. Post that fic any old place you like on July 4th, 2012 (come on, it's Captain America!).

4. Comment in this community on the post I'll put up that day with a link to your fic that includes pairing (if relevant), rating, and any warnings. You must warn for non-con, dubcon, or anything you think might trigger a reader. If you're not sure, warn for it.

Once you start linking to your fics, a master post will go up for ease of reading. This will be added to as stragglers come in.

So it's not an exchange? I don't have to claim a prompt or anything like that?

Nope! This is going to be as low-stress as possible. I'm just asking people to comment on the sign-up post so that we have a good idea of how many people are participating. There's no penalty for dropping out - just let me know if you won't be able to finish your fic.

Do I have to have read the comics?

Nope! Comics-based knowledge is certainly welcome, but this exchange is based on the movies, where it's actually canon that Steve's a virgin (God, I love that). Judging people for having read or not having read the comics is not allowed.

What else isn't allowed?

Any kind of bashing, flaming, or nastiness of any kind. No hating on the ladies, no hating on the slash, no hating on your fellow participants. I see that, you're out.

Okay, cool. So now I sign up and just...start writing? Just like that?

Yes indeedy! Go to it, folks. Steve is counting on you.

I have a question you didn't answer.

Comment away! Or PM me if it's a secret. :)


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